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Our ultimate mission is to design a truly tailormade journey. Laid-back island getaway or a jeep tour in the desert, glamorous weekend in a historical hotel or a hardcore expedition to an isolated jungle tribe – all is limited by imagination only!
Each our project is unlike no other and created just for the traveller in mind, and no one else.
We enjoy creating memories for all generations, when each family member enjoys the trip in their own pace and style. Fishing, diving or trekking for the parents, city tours and culinary experiences for the elderly, master-classes and ranger safaris for young adventurers – everyone will find something to their liking.
To share the happiest travel moments with your loved ones - what can even be better?
Time spent travelling is priceless. Memories shared with your significant other are twice as precious! Wedding proposals, betrothals or just a special time for two – we are happy to suggest ideas for any purpose. The most romantic locations, cute surprises and dozens of special emotions just for two.
Creating truly unique experiences at the edge of the world is our special pride and joy. Sleeping in a camp in Atacama desert? Crossing Borneo jungle? Visiting remote monasteries in Bhutan or nailing the biggest salmon catch on Chukotka? With us all of these are possible? and many more.
For those who are ready to challenge themselves and go beyond the ordinary, we can create a real expedition to the remotest places of the globe. When we plan a complicated expedition project, a whole team of professionals is involved. We plan the route in advance, scout the locations personally, prepare all the gear and vehicles, brand up the equipment – everything to make the journey of a lifetime a reality.
We love self-drive! Having the freedom of exploring most rugged terrains and breathtaking destinations is a pure luxury, but only self-drive gives you a sense of "feeling it all" in your very core! Some of the most iconic lands are best to be experiences by driving, but being the one holding the wheel is a totally next level of experience. Dosens of our devoted self-drive travellers are the best proof!
Feel the thrill of the first pioneers of Africa or become heroes of the Golden Age travel books, be inspired by the Golden Era of romantic travel or just immerse yourself in the unique beauty of African nature. A safari is one-of-a-kind way to experience Africa in its core and encounter wild animals of savannah at an arm's length. The renowed African hospitality and cuisine are a solid added bonus.
For those who're eager to experience it all or just want to spice up their vacation we offer specialty travels and lots of exciting activities. Trekking, kayaking, abseiling, paragliding, fishing, horse riding, wakesurf, you name it - whatever you want to try or intend to master your skills, your wish is our command. There are options for those who've never done it before and for pros. Want to go as extreme as to ascend Mt. Everest? We've got you too.
A honeymoon is not just a trip, it's an experience that will become a memory of a lifetime. We know how special a honeymoon is and how important it is to plan it absolutely perfect! Dreamy beaches, romantic castles, remote destinations paired with luxuruous honeymoon suites and couple pampering create a perfect setup for blissful time together. Just enjoy each other and be happy, and we will take care of all the rest.